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  • Purchase order processing
  • Stock control
  • Procurement management
  • Online client ordering
  • Best practice controls
  • Links to financial ledger
  • Links to project control
  • Links to schedule of rates
  • Powerful reporting & analysis

The system provides a fully integrated purchasing stores and stock control system, combined with all associated reports, financial controls and postings.

The procurement module enables central purchasing to supply orders from any number of sources. The system provides all necessary financial postings and controls, to facilitate the procurement of goods from any supplier to any department within the authority.

The system can hold suppliers’ electronic catalogues, which can be utilised on line by the client departments. A subset of the procurement module allows clients to place orders on-line with the central purchasing department. All associated charges are handled via internal interfaces with the authorities ledger system.

Provision is made for cost accounting within the system. Clients have the ability to monitor and control expenditure and budgets online.

Streamlined procurement management

By significantly reducing the administrative overheads, improving efficiency, and streamlining the flow of information, the system provides an innovative approach to purchasing and stock control.

Supplier and Contract Monitoring

Contracts are created and maintained by the system, with supplier and contract performance constantly monitored. This analysis can be used to ensure that best practice is employed, enabling future business to be placed with the best performing suppliers. The process of awarding contracts and implementing price changes is fully supported by the system, significantly reducing administrative overheads.

Budget Control

Client departments can quickly view their budget status, with all online purchases automatically updating this figure.


Instant access to all current and historical information. All standard reports and analysis are provided within the basic system. User specific reports can be easily produced by the user, tailored to meet specific requirements.

Ease of Use

The system has been produced with ease of use as a main design criterion. The Windows look and feel has been maintained throughout the system, and the user can choose to use a traditional menu harness or standard drop down Windows format. The user interface has been designed to provide clear uncluttered screens. Efficiency has been maximised wherever possible, by optimisation of key depressions, with all code references used by the system automatically retrieved from drop down lists, eliminating the requirement for the user to enter codes.

Links to Microsoft Office

All documentation is produced by interworking with the Microsoft Office suite. Wherever office is utilised by the system, the user is presented with a seamless link, providing automatic filing of relevant documents.