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  • Detailed personnel records
  • Absence, holiday and shift management
  • Authority wide post management
  • Department specific lookup references
  • Powerful reporting and analysis
  • Flexible customised reporting options
  • Electronic filing of all documentation
  • Automatic links to Microsoft office

Personnel manager is a comprehensive and flexible personnel system, providing efficient and easy to use data entry and analysis tools. The system can be controlled and monitored at department, directorate and authority wide levels.

Powerful reporting and in depth analysis and monitoring facilities cover all aspects of personnel management, providing a complete solution for effective control of the authorities human resources.

An extremely accessible and clearly constructed database provides a complete picture for each employee.

With ease of use being a major design criterion, graphical representation has been utilised where appropriate to enhance usability and provide clarity. Appropriate information can be emailed to recipients from within the system.

Comprehensive Personal Details

Including a detailed employee record, photographs, entitlements, absenteeism, and disciplinary records together with full historical detail covering all aspects of the individuals employment with the authority.

Totally Flexible Shift Patterns

Any type of shift pattern can be created using the shift plan generator. The system incorporates a high degree of flexibility, as virtually limitless numbers of work patterns, holiday plans and sickness plans can be set up and maintained.

Efficient Data Entry

All types of absence are entered graphically. Shift plans are mapped to a calendar to provide an instant picture of an individuals shift pattern. This enables quick, clear and efficient entering of all types of absence and overtime, which can be used as a basis for bonus calculations. An interactive graphical picture is available for each employee covering an entire year’s timetable.

Interview and Disciplinary records

Includes all associated correspondence produced as an outcome of an interview or disciplinary procedure.

Educational Details

This can include certificates required such as first aid. The system will record dates when certificates were issued and will advise when refresher courses or checks may be required.

Multiple Level Reporting

A number of reports can be instantly produced collated for the entire authority, which can effectively streamline the production of statutory reports. Flexible, powerful management reporting options are available which can provide analysis and comparisons covering an individual employee, section, department, directorate as well as an authority wide picture.

Data Access and System Security

Comprehensive program and data access facilities are built into the system. Each user is allocated data, program, and program functionality permissions to ensure data and system security is maintained.

Ease of use

The system has been produced with ease of use as a main design criterion, with graphical displays being utilised to give a clear visual impact.

Links to Microsoft Office

All documentation is produced by interworking with the Microsoft office suite. Wherever office is utilised by the system, the user is presented with a seamless link, providing automatic filing of relevant documents.