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  • Complete online project control
  • Fully detailed project data
  • Budget comparisons
  • Current financial status
  • Invoice Generation
  • Variation orders
  • Links to Estimating
  • Powerful reporting & analysis

The system provides a comprehensive and efficient project management environment that monitors and controls all stages of the project life cycle.

The system can bring together information from a number of different sources to provide a clearly constructed database and control point for each project at the touch of a button.

Project details, estimates, invoicing, variation orders, payments and costings are created and managed for every project. This information is combined to provide an up to date and ongoing financial picture for the project.

Invoices can be generated, providing an efficient billing system for all stage payments and retention invoices.

Online project control

Detailed header information is available for every project. Through links to the estimating and schedule of rates systems, details of plant, material and labour costs can be easily accessed. Links can also be established with a stores or stock system to produce material requisition notes. A progress screen can record relevant project notes, and a correspondence facility records and links documents via Microsoft office

Financial Control

Links can be created with a financial ledger, so that all costs and income received against a project can be recorded and monitored, producing an accurate financial summary. An instant financial snapshot can be produced at the click of a button.

Budget comparisons

The level of financial detail recorded against each project enables tight controls to be kept on costs, with budget against actual cost comparisons instantly accessible.

Efficient billing

By utilising the schedule of rates and estimating system to produce detailed valuations, the billing process is quick accurate and efficient. Invoice layouts can be customised to the exact specification of the authority. Interim, final and retention invoices are all produced by the system, with diary notes prompting production of retention invoices.

Stock requisitions

The system can automatically produce stock requisitions, which can be electronically passed to a stores system for issue of materials. These requisitions can include all necessary client project and accounting codes contained within the project header information, which can potentially produce substantial administrative savings. Detailed information of actual stock requisitions and pricing can be obtained from the stores system, this information can be utilised for re-pricing within the schedule of rates, ultimately resulting in greater accuracy when pricing projects.

Links to Microsoft Office

All documentation is produced by interworking with the Microsoft office suite. Wherever office is utilised by the system, the user is presented with a seamless link, providing automatic filing of relevant documents.