Stores & Procurement Personnel Manager Project Manager Schedule of rates Drinks Manager

  • Tele sales order entry
  • Online client product history
  • Handles deposits & returns
  • Stock control
  • Flexible pricing
  • Interfaced with company ledgers
  • Powerful reporting & analysis

Drinks Manager is an order processing and stock control system tailor made for drinks manufacturers, distributors and stockists. The system has been specifically designed and optimised to provide a highly efficient telephone sales order entry environment.

Its principle features include telesales, daily call lists and stock replenishment synchronised in response to product usage.

The system holds comprehensive product history for each customer, which is instantly accessible enabling orders to be taken quickly and efficiently over the telephone.

Telephone sales desk optimisation

Each customer has pre-defined contact details which determines which day they will be contacted. Daily call lists are generated, which are used as a basis for telephone order entry, with the option of using automatic dialling.

Comprehensive customer history

Individual customer profiles can be generated using customer history. This information minimises order entry requirements, and builds a customer profile, which enables orders to be entered more effectively and customer trends and buying habits to be effectively monitored and managed.

Deposits returns cash sales and promotions

The system is designed to cater for the turnaround cycle of deposits and returns. The system handles both the cash sales and the stock control element of returns. Free stock is managed by the system; enabling marketing offers to include promotional free stock.

Customer profiling & management reporting

Instant access to all current and historical information. All standard reports and analysis are provided within the basic system. User specific reports can be easily produced by the user, tailored to meet specific requirements.

Ease of Use

The system has been produced with ease of use as a main design criterion. The Windows look and feel has been maintained throughout the system, and the user can choose to use a traditional menu harness or standard drop down Windows format. The user interface has been designed to provide clear uncluttered screens. Efficiency has been maximised wherever possible, by optimisation of key depressions, with all code references used by the system automatically retrieved from drop down lists, eliminating the requirement for the user to enter codes.

Links to Microsoft Office

All documentation is produced by interworking with the Microsoft Office suite. Wherever office is utilised by the system, the user is presented with a seamless link providing automatic filing of relevant documents.